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Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

The Innovation Embassy Conference will be held in Copenhagen end of October 2023.

It’s the chance to meet the people, companies and organisations who create Amazing Innovations. And especially to experience innovation.

This document will be updated to describe all you need to know. If you already have questions, please write to Links to documents, tickets, press and sponsors will be provided at the bottom of this article.

Calls for participating innovation teams for the Real-World-Problem Challenge WICKED GLOBAL CHALLENGE and other calls will be given their seperate links on this site.

Suggestions, ideas and submissions must be sent via Thank you.


The Innovation Embassy Conference is held for you to experience amazing innovation: The people and companies that do it, talks, workshops and courses on structures to engage with the global innovation ecosystem making this the greatest innovation experience in Northern Europe.

WHAT: Five days were we take you through it all – business models, the role of design, treding technologies and decision making processes. Each day is focused on seperate attendies and different events. Thursday is for decision makers, Friday for sudents and education & Saturday for friends and family.

WHEN: End October 2023

WHO: There will be specific experiences for different people including decision makers, students, startups, investors and others interested in amazing innovations.

The conference is designed to be a play-serious universe where technology and business are mixed for interaction and to experience what is now possible that wasn’t possible a little while ago. Accompanying are both talks and walk’about tours. We’ll also focus on trends and new emerging ideas.

You’ll even get to test and try some of these amazing innovations.

When innovating, we don’t often talk of what’s powering them. But there has been given serious thought to everything from materials, to technology and designs. We’ve asked those who have innovated to take these elements and make them interactive. We’ve even taken some of the most popular technologies in a setup for you to get to know them better.

Here are some of the information we’ll be listing in the weeks and months to come:

  1. which companies and organisations are participating.
  2. Cost of participation
  3. Where to buy tickets
  4. How to exhibit and special arrangements for startups
  5. Workshops, Lounges and presentations

We’re currently gathering informations for the program.

About the author

Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.

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