Business Kitchen

Oulu, Finland

Business Kitchen is the first place in Oulu which truly brings together different actors from entrepreneurial fields under the same roof, presenting a unique way for making things happen.

While Business is:
– one’s regular occupation, profession or trade
–  a thing that is one’s concern
–  a task or duty
– a reason for coming

The Kitchen is:
– the room or area where food is prepared and cooked
– an attribute of or belonging to the kitchen (such as a kitchen table)
* The Oxford Modern English Dictionary

Why and how do these two ideas mix? “Business Kitchen” was born out of the necessity of getting new business activities into the Oulu region, a city in the northern Scandinavia. The name has the symbolic meaning of preparing and cooking, not only food, but new businesses as well. It combines the resources in the area to help and support entrepreneurs and “would-be” entrepreneurs in the best possible way. We believe in mixing different ingredients and elaborating on them in our widely networked and open community. Furthermore, we believe that creativity needs a safe environment to prosper, with a feeling of belonging as well.

In the Business Kitchen, the public sector meets the private sector and the students meet the serial entrepreneurs. We work across organizational boundaries and have found that these crossroads are often the best contexts for creating and trying new ideas. This collaboration does not happen by itself; it requires a lot of explanation and patience to engage in the interaction. Our activities are based on co-creation and learning because what was true yesterday is not necessarily true tomorrow. The business environment, as well as life itself, is constantly changing.

Entrepreneurship exists everywhere today. Not everyone has to start a company to engage in an entrepreneurial mindset or a feeling of responsibility, these are keys to success in any area of life, whether an employee or a student.