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Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

Q: How do I apply to become an Innovation Embassy? A: Please follow this link

Q: How much is required of an Innovation Embassy? A: We all want to contribute but we also have limited resources. The BASIC Innovation Embassy is minded for houses who want to be part of an innovation network and are in control of how they contribute. For all houses, there are three basic demands: Everyone in the house learns CoCreationCards (takes about 10-15 minutes and decides their innovation focus and what they bring to the network.

Q: What does it cost to become an Innovation Embassy. A: the BASIC version is free but later on, there will be several tiers.

Q: How will the Innovation Embassy network work? A: As of right now, summer 2019, we are starting the Innovation Embassy network. The managers of the Co-working spaces, Universities and Unique Institutions that become Innovation Embassies will meet and decide on were we start and how to proceed. Please look at the STARTUP LOG for phases and dates.

Q: How does global innovation happen and what is Innovation Embassy’s role? A: There are already so many exiting initiatives out there. How many of them do you know of and are contributing to? Likewise, do you live in one of the few Innovation Ecosystems that are out there – or do you like the most of us, live somewhere else but would like to be connected? The role of Innovation Embassy is to help you connect and get access to the global innovation ecosystems out there. To make the many innovation initiatives visible and for you to participate. Which brings us to how global innovations happen. It starts with a one or a few people who know of a global challenge that needs solving. Some of these challenges can by a team or an organisation. Some need more than that. And some of the really persisitant challenges needs many people and organisations to come together and help create solutions and get them out there to the people who need them. To do so, we need an innovation platform that puts the individual in the drivers seat. In a system that both facilitates the innovation process, co-creation and collaboration. But also the onset of Ground Crews to help with the physical and practicle stuff. Not to mention the ability to allow for all sorts of investments and resource allocations. That platform will become Quritiba. The blueprint is there for the platform – now we just need to make it.

Q: We have people in our house who have their own methods and tools and know how to facilitate innovation. Do we have to use the tools and methods found in Genius Circles? A: Yes and No. The tools and methods arrive from the Simple Systems Framework developed by Erik Micheelsen but as you’ll see, it describes how innovations happens kind of like a force of nature. Like the Law of Gravity, it’s difficult to get around. Therefore, absolutly yes – do use your own methods and tools. The Simple Systems Framwork can be of help to enhance your methods and tools. However, all houses are required to learn CoCreationCards (takes 10-15 minuttes)

Q: What is CoCreationCards and why must we learn it? A: CoCreationCards is a method and a tool for getting from an idea to a detailed action plan including a shopping list. You are required to learn the light-version of CoCreationCards for two reasons. 1) it provides everyone in Innovation Embassies with a common language for working with innovation and 2) it is a strong tool for developing innovations where many people are involved, with many mindsets and agendas. CoCreationCards consists of six cards. An idea is looked upon as a story. One of the cards helps to identify the important 5-8 themes, which the idea is about. One card is for the important and criticle questions that need answering. Another is for the verifible knowldge that can answer the questions and based upon that knowledge, we can take a fifth card into use – the conclusion card: Who should then do what, when and where. Or what resources are required (the shopping list). And the six card? If anyone says “no” or “we’ve tried than before” or “in my opinion…”, the six card comes into use: The Black Card. It asks that person to please restate his7her opinion as a question or verifiable knowledge. That way, others can respond and contribute.

Q: What is the Simple System Framework and the Qube System Formula? A: It’s a way of looking at innovation as a self-organizing system. Like a force of nature. Throughout the eons of mankind, innovation has spontaneously happened (including the business) – without any guide books. Simple Systems describes the dynamics – what’s going on. Simple Systems tells us a lot about innovation – what it is, what it is not and also the mindsets involved. From Simple Systems, we can derive what Erik calls “a Qube system”. Think of them as building blocks but building blocks that do something. And if you piece them together, you end up with different processes and/or different tools. Erik, Karen together with many many people have far developed CoCreationCards, Mt Innovation, Cube‘it, the discovery and vision boards and EDGE. It will also help to make the innovation platform Quritiba both simple to use and powerful. Erik is currently in the process of making video tutorials on the Simple System Framework and the Qube System Formula for members of Genius Circles.

Q: What is Genius Circles and how do I become a member? A: Anyone can become a member of Genius Circles. The basic membership currently costs a one time fee of $5,60. This will provide you with the book EDGE along with video tutorials of the Simple System Framework and the methods and tools. For a monthly fee, it is also possible to get access to the Edge Academy that also includes courses and tools for innovation.

Q: What are 848’s? A: Inspirred by Mt Everest with a height of 8848 meters, it is a mountain you should not try to climb without the right tools and methods, tips and tricks – or you will surely die. Who in their right mind would read a book or attend a single workshop and think they are fit to climb that mountain? The same is true in our startups and as we are creating amazing innovations: we need knowledge from the ones who are doing it. 848’s are talks, tips and tricks from these people.

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Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.

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