Introduction to Innovation Embassy

Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

Innovation Embassy is set to be the hottest global innovation experience. Simply because… we need to join hands fast!

  • To answer the large scale real-world problems we are facing right now.
  • Help the in-between-cities rural areas to innovate and become attractive
  • Make the many current innovation initiatives visible and tell their stories
  • Provide a stage for innovators and impact startups of all kinds
  • Support with tools and methods for practical use, accelerator programs, corporate bridge programs, education and inspiration
  • Bring new types of (sustainable) business models and investment programs to light.
  • For corporate businesses to find their interface to their innovation ecosystem
  • Create access points through Innovation Embassies to global innovation ecosystems from Sidney and Singapore to Silicon Valley or London.
  • Hold events such as Innovation Hell, AR TechPlaygrounds and Conferences to involve both local and global audiences
  • Become a permanent Innovation Embassy (only one pr city)
  • Start a temporary Satellite Innovation Embassy

Co-working spaces, Universities and Unique Institutions can apply to become an Innovation Embassy. And this way creating a new type of network with the purpose of innovation. A network that can connect and tap into the already existing global innovation ecoystems

Corporate companies can also setup their own Innovation Embassy – a complete setup with the tools, operations and methods to create Mega Star Solutions.

Combined, this becomes an innovation network that gathers the best of minds and the power of business to create Amazing Innovations.

Where does this lead? Everthing we need to create Mega Star Solutions. The talent, collaboration, resources and investments… and action-ability.

For governance programs, this not only means the ability to set up Innovation Embassies to help regionally, like setting up an innovation-factory but to aim to create Mega Star Solutions for the real global challenges we are faced with today.

If you wish to apply to become an Innovation Embassy Co-working Space, click here. Note that we only allow one Innovation Embassy pr city. To see if your city is vacant, click here. If you are a student or member of a university faculty that would like to become an Innovation Embassy University, please click here. To apply to become a Genius Circles member, click here (currently closed for application). Rules for submitting an “Amazing Innovation” article will be available shortly. Questions and inquiries can be sent to Options and opportunities are listed at the end of this article.

Innovation Embassy has opened with a Lean Startup philosophy meaning – we build as we go. Expect things to change and evolve. Many new features are on the way. Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated.

We are currently in Phase 1 “building the network”. You can follow our log here on this phase and upcoming phases.

As we move into the next phases, we’ll open up for the Edge Academy, match-making and calls for innovation.

Soon after, we will start our talks and tools on both practical 80/20’s and global initiatives on amazing innovations – from the people who are doing it!

We’ll also start gathering information about the real-world problems you and everyone know of. Our experience is that it’s one thing to set goals and another to get the input needed to deliver Mega Star Solutions.

In three years from now, (date TBS), we will hold a WICKED GLOBAL CHALLENGE event here in Copenhagen. This will be about global problems and their solutions. And as a part of the event will be …..

Teams of innovators who will be given a global challenge they must answer with a Mega Star Solution. They will be given a global network, resources and … there’s prize to win.

AR TechPlaygrounds will open up. 3D animations or scans can be displayed to show how a new technology works and behaves. Later, physical TechPlaygrounds will be announced. This will be a physical place where you get to interact with groundbreaking technologies. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to try a flying car or fight lightsabers with a robot.

Our Innovation Embassy Conference will be about Amazing Innovations to provide a range of experiences and knowledge in your bridge-building efforts.

Innovation Embassy is set to become the hottest global innovation experience.

From all over the world, Co-working spaces, Universities and Institutions, connecting to the already existing innovation ecosystems. Houses of Innovation that create a network to help and support the making of amazing innovations and transformations.

Let’s face it. The world has changed and with it, how and why we innovate.

It has always been about bringing an amazing transformation to market and financial freedom to the ones who make it happen.

That’s how it should be. Innovating is not a bed of roses. It takes courage, investments and skill.

But as our climate is changing with devastating consequences for all of us along with many other global infrastructure challenges, innovating is now also about solving real world problems.

You can join Innovation Embassy and even become an Innovation Embassy if you have a Co-working space, University or a Unique Institution.

Innovation means bringing it all together from technologies, materials and designs to business, production and delivery – to make a perfect storm.

Startups that make game changers and whole new industries or larger companies that aim to redefine the value they bring to market. Or organizations and public services that innovate new infrastructures and change cities and rural areas.

Or solv real world problems.

The solutions to solving real-world problems generate new jobs, bring wealth to communities and start new economies. They bring sustainability, empowerment and relief to people who need it.

What all amazing innovations and transformations need is access to top talent, technology, equipment, materials, funding and other resources. Tools, inspirations and insights. Accelerator and education programs combined with a host of events.

No wonder people have gathered in innovation ecosystems. There are only a few of them and even though Silicon Valley is the famed one, they can be found on all continents.

Innovation Ecosystems are exactly places where we find what we need to innovate. More than that, we find a mindset and approach for innovation and collaboration – but also fierce competition.

The startups and innovators who are here experience having global reach, access to breakthrough knowledge, methods and tools and connecting to the right people and technologies.

They stand a much better chance for progress, of standing out and succeeding.

Not least because of the ones who really help to bring it all together to make “a perfect storm” – the supporters.

Supporters bring crucial value to the making of amazing innovations, often with very little effort on their part.

People such as investors, mentors or experts.

Places such as Co-working spaces, Universities and Unique institutions that can provide equipment, technologies, materials, know-how, facilitation or host events.

Imagine such places linking up and helping with match-making and collaboration, live-stream talks of Amazing Innovation initiatives and the experiences from those who did it.

And imagine such places attracting investors, sponsors, experts and others who can help and support.

An ongoing global innovation network that connects in and out of the global innovation ecosystems.

For this to be possible, you need something like Simple Systems: a setup with the dynamics of innovation. Not another model or set of rules to replace what you are currently doing. Instead, a way to understand innovation as a force of nature.

When you do it right, innovation becomes self-organising.

Erik Micheelsen who has worked with innovation for more than 15 years in startups and in corporate settings, combined business innovation with Chaos Physics.

What came out of it was an amazingly simple and easy to use description of – innovating. Like an underlying law of nature such as the law of gravity.

Simple Systems is an open-source description for all to use in their efforts to innovate.

We will use it to create a powerful and global setup for innovation.

From the Simple Systems framework, you will learn what Innovation-Capitals are required for innovating. Simple Systems also hands us usefull tools and methods you can use for your own efforts. Or to help others with theirs.

Most importantly, you’ll find that, whichever model you are working from, Simple Systems can help you get more from your current approach.

You’ll also find out why the 80/20 rule works and how to apply it, why innovations are always the result of an emergent property or why co-creation is required for innovations.

In Phase 2, we’ll introduce you to the Simple Systems framework and how to apply it in a series of video courses you can take at your leisure.

If you’re a Genius Circles member and/or signed up for the EDGE workshops, you’ll be invited to hands-on (online) Simple Systems workshops that specifically relate to what you are doing as well.

Options and opportunities:

Personally and/or professionally

You can apply to join Innovation Embassy. In the next phases, you will be able to # your interests, skills and what you’d like to support or follow. We will be introducing an innovation-messenger and an amazing tool for co-creating virtually that also supports AR and VR.

Apply to become an Innovation Embassy

For Co-working spaces owners, students and/or faculty members of a University or the heads of Unique Institutions.

There are several levels and requirements to becoming an Innovation Embassy but it starts with a desire for innovation and wanting to raise a flag that you want to play a role as a house of innovation in a global innovation network.

Applying means

  • Stating what innovation and transformation your house wants to support. It could be the house tenants or a local community but it can be anything.
  • What you are bringing to the network. Feel free to list one or several things. It might be a seat or equipment or a type of event or what you believe will bring value to the network.
  • That you and your house will learn a specific tool called CoCreationCards. It takes ten minutes to learn. This tool is designed for helping many innovators at once to bridge from an idea and to the specifics of an action plan and the “shopping list” to minimise risk on execution. And as a common language of innovation between all Innovation Embassies.

Please note: Becoming an Innovation Embassy or joining Innovation Embassy does not mean replacing what you are currently doing or obliging you to use any Innovation Embassy tools or methods. The idea is you already have your edge and strength. Tools and methods should be seen as optional add-ons. Specifically about CoCreationCards: it’s a tool that breaks down a project or an idea to an action plan plus the “shoping list”. It is therefore a great tool to help houses and individuals communicate what specifically is needed or requested in terms of professions or resources.

Houses can use the Innovation Embassy tools and methods

To bridge your house to corporate partners for workshops or other events. To tailor acceleration programs for tenants or education programs for students or tech-transfer programs or any other use of value to houses. Houses can also join forces to create innovation programs between houses, they then can offer to corporate clients or public service institutions.

In this phase 1 “building the network”, houses start at the free entry level. Houses can communicate being an Innovation Embassy and will gain access to methods and tools.

Your Co-working space

will be featured on the Innovation Embassy website and you can submit stories of innovation from your space.

You can hold 848’s, announce innovation challenges and offer tailored accelerator programs/events for your tenants. Please follow this link to read more and apply.


can be hosted by a student and/or faculty member. Students have the option for education, participating in or stating challenges or creating “ground crews”. Please use the form in the link above to apply and ask for further details.

Unique Institutions

can be any type of institution that can contibute to the making of amazing innovations. Equipment, technologies, laboratories or spaces for innovation or other resources are possibilities. You can be provided with an Innovation Embassy Blueprint for setting up your Innovation Embassy together with tools and methods for hosting innovation. Please use the form in the link above to apply and ask for further details.

Satellite Innovation Embassy

A special type of Innovation Embassy, anyone can apply to hold, is a Satellite Innovation Embassy. In essence – it could be a tent on a field. But by linking up to Innovation Embassies and supporting organizations from around the world, it can at least access – if not physically hold – the resources needed to do something – amazing.

If you’d like to read more about Innovation Embassy, please follow the links below.

About Erik Micheelsen.

Astrophysicist, founder of Innovation Embassy and Genius Circles. Erik has 15+ years of hands-on experience with innovation.

He has worked in startups, been a Technology Officer ant Coloplast A/S, responsible for a radical-innovation program, a management consultant and startup mentor. Erik has discovered methodologies to access and create innovation ecosystems in his research and investment in innovation and collaboration platforms.

During this time, Erik has been actively involved in innovation at city and regional levels, developing models and methods to make innovation easily accessible such as Simple Systems and the Mt Innovation model to run crowdsourced programs for innovation.

The idea of Innovation Embassy came to him after being at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERN as a high-energy partical researcher. To gather and connect minds for anyone to start an innovation, collaborate and contribute and bring something amazing into reality.

About the author

Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.