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Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

Genius Circles is currently closed for application until the EDGE workshop starts end July 2019. Date To Be Announced.

Are you the owner of a Co-working Space who would like to learn how to better bridge to Corporate or Public organisations? How to create your own internal accelerator program? Or how to participate in creating Global Innovations with the interests, time and resources you have available with other Innovation Embassies, people and places around the world?

Perhaps you’d like to hold tool and method workshop? It might also be you’d like to be in one of the many Rebel Tables on a topic of your interest – or sit in the hot seat with a challenge you are facing?

On the other hand, you might be a student or faculty member of a University who would like set up an innovation or entrepreneur education plan.

It could also be you are setting up a Satellite Innovation Embassy or simply that you are interested in being a member of a Global Innovation Network.

There are three parts to Genius Circles.

  1. Video tutorials on useful innovation tools and methods derived from the Simple Systems Framework including how to work with Qubes to create your own processes. You’ll find the Simple System Business Model Creation Template, advanced ideation processes, Mt Innovation, Discovery and Challenge Boards and much more. They can help you with you achieve the goals you have set.
  2. Event gatherings such as 848’s – talks, tips and tricks from the business leaders and innovators who are doing it right now! These can be both in-house events and/or virtual. There will be Rebel Tables on new trends and topics everyone is interested in learning more about. They can also be a “hot-seat” events where a person or a team present a current challenge they are facing and letting others help find solutions or network or resouces.
  3. The community, which consists of people from the Innovation Embassies together with business leaders and innovators from all sorts of organisations.

JOINING Genius Circles happens at set dates. There are tiers of memberships depending on participant interest. Please follow the Start-Up log for when Genius Circles opens next for applications.

About the author

Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.

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