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Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

20.000 eyes see more than a team of 20 or even 200. This simple idea is at the heart of what Innovation Embassy is about. It has lead us to the Innovation Embassy Program you can apply to be a part of. And it is the reason for the tools and methods you can find in Genius Circles.

Why are we this interested in Co-creation and Collaboration?

Because some of the problems we are facing today globally or in our companies are so extensive, they require a global ecosystem to solve them.

Innovation Hell is about real world problems and the solutions that can solve them.

We will continually be gathering information about global challenges and signing up people from all walks of life who have a certain interest, knowledge or resource that can be a part of creating an important global innovation.

The focused events will be announced here on this page and in our calendar. Teams can apply to participate. Depending on the event, they are given a set time frame to develop new solutions.

These teams may have their own resources and networks or use the Innovation Embassy network.

These events will be designed in collaboration with politicians, investors and supporting companies as appropiate to insure solutions are futher supported.

About the author

Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.

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