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Erik Micheelsen
Written by Erik Micheelsen

The Innovation Embassy was founded by Astrophysicist Erik Micheelsen.

The inspiration for creating a new environment for innovative knowledge sharing originated following Erik ́s academic experience at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERN in Switzerland.

His previous work experience as a Technology Officer at the Danish company Coloplast A/S and consultancy work in Silicon Valley and London have also provided him with insights into different worlds.

New approaches to innovation and thinking benefit both creators and innovators. They become better skilled and handed new capabilities to navigate the challenging journey going forward and arrive at sustainable solutions.

Erik Micheelsen on national TV during the RightCornerInnovation project with TV2 and MetroXpress, reaching 1/3 of all of Denmark involving companies, politicians and people of all walks of life. The purpose was to show how we all can contribute to innovation. Out of 1500 concepts, 20 teams pitched for a jury and investors of which three were fundeded for further testing and investigation.

The Innovation Embassy holds regular monthly meetings where members can network and share their ideas for innovation. Themes and topics for discussion can be submitted to Erik for consideration and advanced tickets can be ordered from Event Brite. Themes for discussion include many global issues such as Climate Change, Future Cities and Urbanization, The Workplace and Workforce of the future and many other topics.

Meeting topics are aimed at highlighting innovations role in connection with specific themed topics such as Green Mobility, the Future of the Workforce or Climate Change Solutions.


The Edge Academy has been designed to be empower all creators and innovators. It includes the following:

  • Mega Star Products – Four sessions with video’s, workbooks and other materials about the premise behind creating a Mega Star Product. During this course, you will be introduced to many of the concepts and tools we use at Innovation Embassy.
  • CoCreationCard workshops – Fast becoming one of the most simple but effective methods for turning thoughts into action plans with clear goals. The workshops facilitate a unique visual process for co creations in knowledge sharing and the testing of dynamic thinking
  • Vision and Exploration boards – How do you start innovation in the first place? These workshops help stimulate the thought process with role models and insights into psychology
  • Leadership and inspirational workshops – Have you ever looked at the top of the mountain and thought that you want to climb it? These workshops teach you how to lead and how to motivate your team on a journey
  • Accelerator and Incubator Programs – Want to scale your business or innovate an idea within your company? These tailor-made programs are especially designed to optimise knowledge and possibilities for SME companies looking to break out of their past stagnant routines. The programs look at growth planning and future markets).
  • Cross networking initiatives – A new innovative idea that matches new goods and services in an alternative trading system with match-making
  • Investor Presentation workshops and coaching – Preparing a business plan that is both relevant for new ideas but also set ́s out the benefit for any investors buying a piece of the action is no easy matter. These workshops help innovators and creators from the start to the end on how and if they should dance with the devil
  • Genius Circles – the community were Innovation Embassy members can meet and chat with others about challenges, to network or the Edge Academy program.
CoCreationCards are a tool and method in one. They help to bridge from an abstract idea into an executional action plan without loosing the innovative part of the idea but instead making it visible. CoCreationcards can be used for strategy sessions, idea-maturation and with both traditional project management or agile approaches such as Sprint or Lean Startup. It takes 15 minutes to learn and in three hours, you’ll achieve what would otherwise take many meetings and weeks of work. Highly recommended tool for work with innovation.

About the author

Erik Micheelsen

Erik Micheelsen

Erik is “the guy with the business idea” behind Innovation Embassy and the web platforms CoCreatorX, CareCubicle and the up-and-coming Quritiba. Erik has worked and lived in Silicon Valley, London and Denmark. He has more than 14 years of User Driven innovation experience, is behind several Start-Ups, mentored Start-Ups and advised business leaders on innovation strategy. Erik has lead numerous innovation projects and as Technology Officer at Coloplast A/S, he was responsible for Radical Innovation. As an innovation management consultant, he has inspired and guided business leaders. Erik’s background as an Astrophysicist from UCL and work with high energy physics has provided a unique and very effective mental tool set for any vision based processes.

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